Olton Chamber of Commerce has a façade incentive grant program to encourage quality exterior rehabilitation among Olton businesses. Any commercial property with an Olton address is eligible. The one page grant application and requested support documents must be submitted to the Olton Chamber of Commerce Office located at 518 8th Street, P O Box 487, Olton, Texas.

Goal of the Grant Program:

*To improve the attractiveness and utility of commercial buildings or commercial property in the Olton area.

*To promote the restoration and continued maintenance of commercial buildings in the Olton area.

Grant Application Process

  1. Complete the one page Incentive Grant Application,  with copy of cost estimate.
  2. Submit explanation of work to be completed. Include all pertinent information: work plan; sketch of building; sketch of sign; sketch of      awning. If colors are involved please use them in the drawing. All exterior repairs and renovations (roof, paint, masonry, windows and      frames, new signs, awnings, lighting, etc.) will be considered.  (Some projects may require city permits. Please contact the City of Olton at 806-285-2611 for requirements.)
  3. Once an applicant is chosen to receive the grant, the awardee will be contacted by phone. The awardee will have five days from the      date of receipt of award notification to confirm acceptance of the grant offer. If there is not notification of acceptance, the applicant forfeits the grant and cannot reapply for that fiscal year.

Grant Guidelines

  • Applicants must be business owners with a commercial building with an Olton address.
  • Applicants must be members of the Olton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture and current on their yearly dues.
  • Applicants must be current in their payment of city utilities and local property taxes (city, county, OISD).
  • Application must be submitted by April 24th to the Olton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture  Office located at 518 8th Street,        P O Box 487, Olton, Texas.
  • The Olton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will review all applications at the monthly board meeting in May of the current year.
  • Grants will not exceed $1000. Grants will be awarded based on the availability of funds.
  • This is a matching grant and plan of work will need to be submitted with application. 
  • No grant application will be accepted for work that has already been completed, or for work that is covered by insurance.
  • Grants will be administered as reimbursements once projects have been completed as agreed upon, receipts are shown, and the Olton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture Manager has reviewed the work. 
  • Demonstrating a plan for future use will be necessary for vacant buildings. 

This can be as simple as demonstrating that a real estate company has been enlisted for leasing or selling the building.

  • Work must be completed within 3 months of being awarded the grant (exceptions will be made for large projects).
  • Applicants can be awarded the grant once every 3 years. (Applicant that does not receive the grant can re-apply       each time).
  • Unless a specific exception is made by the Olton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the following will not       be eligible for reimbursement under the Façade Grant: Driveways, parking areas, or access routes to driveways and parking; decks, patios, or       courtyards (unless used as a primary public entrance), outbuildings, garages, storage sheds, and temporary or removable items, such as furniture.

Previous Winners:

2018-Wild Plum Bed & Breakfast

2019- Wagner Insurance & Tax

Freshen Up Olton Businesses (doc)


COVID -19 olton business survey

 We encourage ALL businesses in Olton to fill out the survey.  Deadline to turn in survey's is April 30.  Please take to City Administrator, Keeley Adams.  For more information please call City Hall. 

The City of Olton Grant Application is now available!  Please have it back to Keeley Adams, City Administrator, by May 11, 2020.

EIS Covid Survey (docx)


City of Olton Grant Application (docx)